Risk-Weighted Approach to Digital Assets

ANB is an institutional multi strategy hedge fund, applying quantitative systematic strategies and delta neutral strategies in the digital asset space, offering uncorrelated returns, with elite risk management and state of the art infrastructure.

Our History and Strategies

ANB Investments was founded in 2016. The founders developed an elite technological infrastructure and an algorithm to trade a basket of traditional asset classes systematically with no human intervention. Our quantitative systematic strategies traded forex, commodities and equity indices and had outstanding returns during 4 years.

In August 2020, given the significant surge in futures volumes for Bitcoin and Ethereum, we opted to employ our proven strategies to these assets. Our algorithm thrives in highly volatile markets, making these more volatile assets ideal candidates for our approach.

Our results in digital assets far exceeded those in traditional finance. Furthermore, due to the lack of professional hedge funds specializing in the space and the large opportunities to generate alpha, we made the strategic decision to shift our focus entirely from traditional markets to digital assets.

In April 2021 ANB Investments established his hedge fund in the Cayman Islands with the best providers and the mission to bridge the gap between traditional finance and digital assets. 

At that point, ANB Investments developed the Full Strategy Fund, which implements the algorithmic trading strategy that has been delivering excellent returns since 2016 and a combination of delta-neutral strategies to complement and enhance the returns of our quantitative strategies.

ANB Investments aspires to become one of the best multi-strategy funds in the digital assets space.

We offer attractive uncorrelated returns, with a best-in-class infrastructure to bridge the gap between traditional and digital assets by guaranteeing security and trust to professional sophisticated investors seeking to diversify their portfolios.

ANB’s Management Team

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Jaime Baeza

Co Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Íñigo de Diego

Chief Operational Officer

Raúl Marco

Chief Security Officer

Our History and Strategies


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    Both of our funds offer unique diversification with unmatched risk-reward ratios and uncorrelated returns.


    Our strategy is designed to perform under all market conditions, with constant improvement at the forefront of technology.


    Our company is composed by professionals combining years of experience in leading companies including Credit Suisse, Deloitte, Banco Santander, Accenture and Everis among others.